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YU News

Otteson Publishes New Book On Adam Smith

Dr. James R. Otteson, joint professor of philosophy and economics at Yeshiva College, has published a new book titled Adam Smith, (Continuum, 16, 20 Jan., 2011). The book is a part of a series entitled “Major Conservative and Libertarian Thinkers,” which aims to introduce these thinkers to a wider audience, providing an overview of their lives and works, as well as expert commentary on their enduring significance.

Adam Smith begins with a short biography of Smith, followed by an overview and discussion of his extant works, focusing on his two major publications, the 1759 Theory of Moral Sentiments and the 1776 Wealth of Nations, and concludes by discussing what Smith got right, what he got wrong, and why he is still worth reading.

Otteson is also the author of Adam Smith’s Marketplace of Life (Cambridge, 2002) and Actual Ethics (Cambridge, 2006), as well as numerous articles on the history of philosophy, ethics and political philosophy.