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    The Cantorial Council of America was formed in 1960 by Dr. Karl Adler (Music Dept. Head, for Yeshiva College and Director of the Cantorial Training Institute-CTI), Cantor Macy Nulman (asst. Director) Rabbi Morris Finer (Director of Community Services Division, YU) and Cantor Martin Horowitz (of the Riverdale Jewish Center) as an affiliate organization of the then CTI (now the Philip and Sarah Belz School of Jewish Music) at Yeshiva University. In fact, the first convention was held at Yeshiva University’s uptown campus.

    The CCA began as a way of providing professional and social resources to Orthodox cantors around the country. Today, 50 years later, it has grown to 145 members worldwide, and over 200 CCA Friends. Conventions and regional Mid Winter Conferences provide sessions designed toward enhancing knowledge of synagogue music and prayer for professional cantors and laymen alike, and have featured distinguished scholars in every realm of Jewish and secular education. The annual Journal of Jewish Music and Liturgy, edited by Macy Nulman has for the last 30 years set a standard of scholarship in its field. Among the journal’s subscribers are individuals, universities, schools of music, and international libraries.

    In addition, CCA sponsors cantor-in-residence and outreach programs around the country in order to educate communities in our rich liturgical traditions and to help all worshippers gain more insight and meaning in their prayers. Partnering with the OU, RCA, and other organizations, CCA has sponsored programs to strengthen synagogue music education.

    Through all of these endeavors, the Cantorial Council of America has remained true to the vision of the founders and the ideals of the Belz School and YU. The members of the Cantorial Council of America distinguish themselves by combining religious observance with professional skills.

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