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Learning and Counseling in Teaneck, NJ

Teaneck, NJ, was a hub of activity this summer. The Women’s Learning Beit Midrash took place over a period of three weeks in July, and featured two YU scholars, Rabbi Allen Schwartz, Instructor in Bible and Raymond J. Greenwald Chair in Jewish Studies at Yeshiva College, and Mrs. CB Neugroschl, Head of School, Samuel H. Wang Yeshiva University High School for Girls. Rabbi Schwartz spoke on “Prophet of Doom and Destruction, Rebuilding and Replanting: Lessons for the Three Weeks in the Writings of Yirmyahu,” and Mrs. Neugroschl spoke on “Different Visions of Religious Zionism: Rav Kalischer, Rav Kook and Rav Soloveitchik.”

Barbara Goldin, the wife of Rabbi Shmuel Goldin of Congregation Ahavath Torah in Englewood, NJ, said, “I’ve attended many Midreshet Yom Rishons at YU, and they have always been the highlight of my week. Wherever there’s learning, I go, and I found Rabbi Schwartz and Mrs. Neugroschl to both be such inspirational speakers. My generation is really hungry for in-depth, excellent learning opportunities, which many of us never had in high school. Just like the kids who go to Israel, these learning sessions are my own Shana Aleph and Shana Bet.”

Chanie Grunstein of Teaneck, said, “The learning program was very inspiring as the two teachers were both outstanding. As a former student in yeshiva for 12 years, somehow I never got to learn Yirmiyahu, and Rabbi Schwartz really made it fascinating for me. Learning about religious Zionism’s roots was also comforting to me during this time of communal aveilut of the Three Weeks, and I also found it so inspiring because both my parents survived the Holocaust and found refuge in our homeland, where they got married. CB Neugroschl was brilliant, and I look forward to future opportunities to learn from YU educators.”

YU’s Career Center and Congregation Rinat Israel’s Adult Education Committee co-hosted a community event, “Supporting Your Child through the Career Discovery Process.” Laurie Davis, Director of Counseling & Programming at the Career Center, offered advice to parents on how to best help their children explore career options that may be right for them.

She said, “We were delighted to have the opportunity to speak to over 100 parents of high school and college-aged students, including many YU alumni and parents, about their children’s career exploration process. We received positive feedback and the audience seemed genuinely engaged in the presentation. We hope to continue to do more community outreach in the future.”

Dr. Steve Safier, Chief Transformation and Human Resources Officer of Panasonic, NA, made opening remarks and then joined Davis for questions and answers. Parents focused on their children’s specific situations and also asked what YU does to prepare students to enter the secular working world. Davis was able to tell them of “Being Orthodox in an Unorthodox World,” a now-annual event each year that brings in YU alumni who are professionals to counsel students on commonplace issues that arise.