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Care Café: Wellness Programming in Harlem

By Kimberly Moore
Director, Care Café

On Friday, March 11, 2022, Care Café partnered with a wonderful youth social justice organization in Harlem, Brotherhood Sister Sol (Bro Sis), to support their efforts with creating wellness programming at their institution.

With their growing concerns around the health and well-being of their peers, and considering the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on youth, the members of Bro Sis were eager to take the lead on advancing an agenda for change and explore program delivery improvements for their peers and surrounding youth of their communities with the goal of health promotion and advocacy.

Led by Dr. Brittany Stalsburg, a professional market researcher with BLS Research & Consulting, the group was provided with a comprehensive overview of the uses of focus groups to inform program development.  Dr Stalsburg explained the diverse uses of research, the importance of organizing and planning, strategies for developing appropriate research questions for focus groups, and how to assess and analyze the data collected from these groups.

Further information was provided around the importance of “set and setting” and how objective group facilitation is necessary to ensure efficacy. Other instruction provided included ways to engage and manage group dynamics effectively to support maximum utilization of time and agenda prioritization.

In a lively discussion, members were able to assess their strengths and areas of development in relationship to their contributions on the developing wellness committee. Care Café and Dr. Stalsburg will continue to partner with Bro Sis as this project takes shape.

All attendees received swag, including power banks chargers, Care Café pens, and notebooks as a token of appreciation for their attendance.

Very special thanks to the staff and management of Bro Sis—Richard, Samantha, Silvia and Mariela—for the opportunity to share with you and your students.

To the wonderful interns of Care Café, Olivia B. and Allysha B., thank you for your continued commitment to learning.

Learn more about The Brotherhood Sister Sol and their programs and book Dr. Brittany Stalsburg for professional development.

For more information about Care Café and its programs, please contact Kim Moore, director at or 646-592-6827.

(l-r): Samantha W., Social Worker at Bro Sis, Olivia B., Care Café Intern, Dr. Brittany Stalsburg, BLS Research, and Allysha B., Care Café Intern