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Care Café: Breaking Ground

By Kimberly Moore
Director, Care Café

We thrive in the spirit of giving!

On the crisp morning of March 11, 2022, Wurzweiler’s Care Café and Breaking Ground, a community-based program, partnered to create and deliver “Welcome Home Kitsfor formerly homeless persons.

Keona Serrano, assistant vice president of programs, and Megan Gilbreth, director of business operations, loaded up their vans today with needed supplies and big smiles!


(l-r): Keona Serrano and Megan Gilbreath


Breaking Ground’s mission is “to strengthen individuals, families and communities by developing and sustaining exceptional supportive and affordable housing as well as programs for homeless and other vulnerable New Yorkers.”

A significant part of Breaking Ground’s work is homeless street outreach, which entails an intricate practice of developing trust and urgent preparations for emergency placements and relevant service coordination for the chronically street homeless populations.

Once placed, and in preparation for the transition from temporary housing to permanent housing placements, and to keep startup costs low, Care Café was able to provide participants with some household staples: cookware, mops, brooms and cleaning products for their units in the Bronx and Brooklyn.

Care Café welcomes opportunities to join our supportive housing community partners to provide peaceful, safe and loving homes for those who seek it.

Special hanks to Keona Serrano and Megan Gilbreth for this developing partnership.

Learn more about Breaking Ground and their programs, and for more information about Care Café and our programs, please reach out to us at or 646-592-6827.

To all, be well!