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Cheryl McKissack Makes LaGuardia Airport Great Again

Annette Clarke-Jones, MS, MSW, Ph.D. Candidate
Adjunct Field Liaison, Wurzweiler School of Social Work

Cheryl McKissack

Although the construction business is often seen as a male-dominated sector and most definitely not one controlled by African Americans, I was pleasantly delighted to learn that this was not the case in this situation.

For five generations, the McKissack family has been breaking limits in this profession, and Cheryl McKissack serves as president and CEO of the nation’s first minority and female-owned professional design and construction enterprise. I've flown through LaGuardia many times and have seen the growth. I smile with pleasure knowing that an all-female-led African American enterprise is a part of this significant accomplishment.

As a black person, it’s reassuring to see the company’s accomplishments highlighted and the acknowledgment that African Americans do bring something of significance to the table. I’m certain that any little Black or Brown child who learns about this firm would understand that nothing is impossible.

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