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YU News

YU Launches New Professional Development Certificate Programs for Fall of 2020

Yeshiva University has announced the fall 2020 launch of a series of professional development certificate programs designed for students seeking to prepare themselves for the changing economy and to enhance their careers.

Covering a range of disciplines, these certificates will allow students from any professional or educational background to gain market-ready skills that will contribute to their career success. Non-credit certificate programs will be offered in Instructional Design, Tele-Mental Health, Digital Education Administration, Serious Game Design and How to Start a Business. Faculty members from across YU schools as well as industry experts will conduct these courses, which are designed to advance students’ professional development.

“As COVID-19 has changed the way we live and learn, YU is providing an opportunity for students to acquire a new skill and invest in their careers at their own pace. With an uncertain economy, our professional certificate programs offer highly marketable skills at an affordable cost in a relatively short time. For example, our course in Instructional Design teaches how to create online instructional materials and is designed for professionals across the spectrum. This is a great program for teachers, IT people looking to expand their UX skills, or those in human resources who need to convey information for employees in interesting and informative ways,” said Dean Danielle Wozniak, vice provost of Yeshiva University and the Dorothy and David I. Schachne Dean of Wurzweiler School of Social Work. “We are thrilled to be launching a program with a pioneering focus on producing knowledge, skills and tangible occupational results.”

Launching in fall 2020, the cost per professional certificate is $500. Enrollment will be open throughout the year. Each non-credit certificate is comprised of four modules. Students have the option of completing each module at a speed that best accommodates their schedules and learning styles and will be required to demonstrate competency to receive certification in the program topic.

Addressing professional needs occasioned by the COVID-19 crisis, the professional certificates in Instructional Design, Tele-Mental Health and Digital Education Administration develop the skills necessary to prepare students for the new world of digital work and tele-practice. Certificates in Serious Game Design and How to Start a Business offer the opportunity to gain new professional skills without the need to invest in a full academic degree.

“As we reflect on business education during this time of economic turmoil, I recall that many of the most prominent consumer brands – such as Uber, Square, and WhatsApp – emerged from the last recession. Yeshiva University believes in fostering the spirit of innovation that can arise in all circumstances and from all backgrounds. Our non-credit certificate in How to Start a Business is a testament to that,” said Dean Noam Wasserman, Dean of the Sy Syms School of Business.

To learn more about each professional certificate and how to enroll, visit: