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Professor, Recent Graduate and Current Student Publish Joint Articles

Pollack_57297A-11-1-150x150 Professor Daniel Pollack

Congratulations to Jonathan Lerner (class of '15) and Professor Daniel Pollack on their recent law review article, "Where have all the developmental centers gone? The federal push for community-based services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.”

The article highlights the trend of transitioning people with intellectual and developmental disabilities from state-operated to community-based services. While some residents, parents, advocates and professionals are pleased with this direction, others are fighting the process. Read the full article here.

Pollack also partnered with current student Layah Shagalow in an article in Policy and Practice on exoneration from wrongful convictions of child sexual abuse, entitled "Mission Improbable: Getting Exonerated From a Child Sexual Abuse Conviction". Read the full article here.