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WSSW Alumna in Reuters Article About Financial Burdens on Female Caregivers

Wurzweiler School of Social Work alumna Judy Strauss, LMSW, PhD, was recently quoted in a Reuters article "Financial 'Vicious Cycle' Traps Poor Women Caregivers", calling upon her experience studying women providing care to loved ones.

"Judy StraussWomen need to give themselves the space to give themselves support - as in counseling, caregiving groups or setting up family meetings. The caregivers need support themselves to get through some of the harder stresses of caregiving [...] And society - in terms of policy - if we don't take care of midlife women we're not going to be able to take care of our children or our elderly [...]. That's my biggest concern - that here in the United States, we care for the children, we care for the elderly, but we forget the midlife woman who takes care of both those populations."

Judy Strauss, LMSW, PhD, received her doctorate at  Wurzweiler. According to the National Institute of Psychotherapies, where she is a candidate, Dr. Strauss currently is an adjunct professor and field liaison at the Touro College School of Social Work and her research focuses on issues affecting women’s well-being at midlife. Dr. Strauss has been published in various journals, such as Health and Social Work, Sex Roles, Gerontological Social Work, and Maturatas.

 Read the full article in Reuters.