YU Alert: How It Works

In the event of an emergency, we'd like to be able to inform you quickly. While alerts will automatically be sent to all email addresses ending in “yu.edu” or “einstein.yu.edu,” it’s vital that you register your phone, personal email address and/or text device so we can reach you when you're away from a computer.

When You Receive a Text Message from Yeshiva University

Text-messages are brief, usually limited to about 150 characters. So Yeshiva University alerts will be brief and frequently direct you to another communication channel (YU homepage, hotline or email) for more complete information. These sources may not be updated as rapidly as the text message is delivered, but information will be posted or sent as quickly as possible. SMS text messages will be sent from 89361. When you receive a message, the affected campus or facility will be identified. Please pay attention to the location of the alert and react accordingly.

Situations that may prompt an alert are:

  • Dangerous situation such as fire, flooding, etc.
  • Criminal and/or terrorist activity or threat
  • Emergency closures of campus and/or facilities relevant to you
When You Receive a Voice Message from Yeshiva University

When you receive an emergency notification as a voice message, your caller ID will display 646-592-4199.

When You Receive an Email Message from Yeshiva University

Email messages will be sent from yualert@yu.edu. Please ensure the spam filters in your email software are set to keep emergency emails out of the junk email folder.

Privacy Policy

Cellphone or SMS numbers provided to Yeshiva University for the purpose of receiving emergency alerts will not be used for any other purpose (system tests may be conducted as needed) and will be kept strictly confidential. To facilitate the creation of accounts on this system, the vendor (Everbridge) will only receive each user's full name, University-supplied email address and basic demographic information such as what campus you are located on. Everbridge has agreed to keep this information confidential.

Even if you have supplied personal contact information as part of an application or other process, you must still register your devices here, with this service. This protects your personal information and is in the spirit of our "opt-in" policy for privately owned communication devices.