Visitor Management System – Daily Visitor Pass

Effective March 15, 2020

In order to gain access to a University facility, all visitors (i.e., persons who are not currently-enrolled students, faculty or staff with valid Yeshiva University ID Cards) MUST first register at the Security Desk at the entrance of the facility they wish to enter.  They will then be entered into the YU Visitor Management System. 

A one day, limited access visitor pass may be granted to visitors who present a valid government-issued photo ID, and who provide a legitimate purpose for visiting the campus (e.g., pre-arranged visits with YU admissions advisors or meetings with administrators or faculty, library research, registration for an event, etc).  The visitor must have a University faculty or staff member as his/her sponsor (and host) or other acceptable invitation to visit the University.   Any access may be limited to only certain buildings and times, and certain purposes.