COVID-19 Protocol for Building Access

As we begin to open our campuses in August, the following COVID-19 protocol and policy has been put in place for those who will be returning to work in person. Please consult with your Dean or Department Head to determine the first date that you are expected to return to campus so you can manage the timing of these protocols in accordance with that date.   

1. All faculty and staff (as well as students) must take a swab test for COVID and present the documented results of the test to the University prior to return. It must be a swab test; the rapid test and the antibody tests are not acceptable. Because swab tests take time to obtain and provide results, the test should be taken 10 days to 14 days prior to your return so that you have enough time to get results prior to your return.  Tests can be obtained at a local testing site or urgent care center. For employees on the YU Aetna or Oxford plan, a local CVS may be a convenient option.  You can also find sites at these links: 

The documented test results must be provided via email, no later than two days prior to your return. This can be done by scanning or taking a clear picture of the results you receive from your testing site.

For security purposes, please s​end proof of your Covid-19 test to from your YU issued email address only. If you send proof of your nasal swab Covid-19 test from a non-YU email address, we cannot guarantee its security.  If you cannot send your test from your YU email account, please send a note to (from any address) for additional information about securely submitting proof of your Covid-19 test.

  • You may not return to campus without having provided a negative swab test.  
  • If you test positive, please provide the test results along with the quarantine directions and dates so we know when you will be cleared to return to campus.

2. We are adopting a mobile daily screening tool to be accessed on your phone which will ask questions about symptoms and exposure.  Instructions for access to the link to this tool will be forthcoming.  Until it is ready, you will fill out a paper form at the entrance which will be kept confidential.  Paper forms will continue to be available for those who do not have smart phones.

If the answers to the daily screen indicate that you cannot come to campus, please contact your medical provider for next steps and to obtain written clearance to return to work when medically indicated.  This should also be emailed securely to

3. The following three protocols must be completed at every building entrance: 

  • Scan your Yeshiva University ID 
  • Present the cleared daily screen on your device (or completed paper questionnaire) to the security guard  
  • The security guard will take your temperature with a non-contact thermometer. Anyone whose temperature is 100 F or higher, or whose screening questionnaire indicates that they cannot enter, will not be allowed to come into the building and must consult their medical provider to obtain written clearance to return to work as described above. 

4. All community members must also adhere to the University’s Mask and Social Distancing Policies: 

  • Face masks or cloth face coverings must be worn at all times on campus when in the presence of others and in public settings. 
  • Stay at least 6 feet (about 2 arms’ lengths) from other people at all times. 
  • Comply with the signage and markings in elevators, entrances and hallways.

Beren Campus Building Hours

Benjamin Residence Hall – 148 Lexington Ave, New York NY, 10016

  • 24/7 - Building Residents Only (no visitors permitted)

Brookdale Residence Hall – 50 East 34h Street, New York NY, 10016

  • 24/7 - 24/7 - Brookdale Hall resident students only

Schottenstein Residence Hall - 119 East 29th Street, New York, NY, 10016

  • 24/7 - Schottenstein Hall resident students only

Stern College for Women – 245 Lexington Avenue, New York NY, 10016

  • Sunday – Thursday - 8 am - 12 am
  • Friday - 8 am - 3 pm - School Hours 
  • Friday - 3 pm till close - Sabbath
  • Saturday - 8 am till the end of the Sabbath.

Syms School of Business – 215 Lexington Avenue, New York NY, 10016

  • Monday – Thursday - 8 am - 12 am
  • Friday - 8 am - 3 pm 
  • Saturday and Sunday - Closed.

35th Street Residence Hall - 150 East 35th Street, New York, NY, 10016

  • 24/7 - 35th Street Hall resident students only

36th Street Residence Hall - 151 East 36th Street, New York, NY, 10016

  • 24/7 - 35th Street Hall resident students only


The numbers to call for temporary building access are as follows:

  • Wilf Campus - 212-960-5200
  • Beren Campus - 212-340-7796 
  • Ferkauf (Bronx) - 212-960-5200
  • Cardozo - 212 790-0303

Mail Services - COVID-19 Update (8/10/2020)

Mail and Package delivery to various buildings and offices has been suspended.

Pickup of mail and packages is still available at the Production Office located in Belfer Hall during business hours (9 am to 5:30 pm) Monday thru Thursday and (9 am to 2:30 pm) on Friday.