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Upcoming Event: Elul: The Season of Repentance

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The Bernard Revel Graduate School of Jewish Studies
invites you to a discussion: Elul: The Season of Repentance

7:00 PM:
A Time of Soul Searching:
The Yiddishist Intelligentsia and the Crisis of 1939

Associate Professor of Jewish History at Revel

In their youth, East European Yiddishist intellectuals
rejected Jewish religious tradition as an impediment
to their creation of a new, secular Jewish national identity
based upon the Yiddish language and culture. But on the
eve of World War II, Nazism’s assault on the Jews led
these intellectuals to question the humanistic assumptions
upon which their secular ideologies rested. Many, in turn,
sought solace and solutions to the Jewish plight in the
very religious tradition that they had once believed to
be obsolete.

7:30 PM:
Rav Kook on Repentance
(or Does the World Really Revolve Around Us?)

Associate Professor of Jewish Philosophy at Revel I 7:30 p.m.

In the preface to Orot ha-Teshuva, Rav Kook writes that
“our literature, which explores every area where there
is manifest the poetry of life, did not probe at all into this
wonderful treasure of life.” Given the existence of works
such as Rabbeinu Yonah’s Sha’arei Teshuvah and the
Rambam’s Hilkhot Teshuvah, not to mention numerous
Talmudic references, this seems like a strange comment
to make. So what did Rav Kook mean? What was so
unique about his view of Teshuvah that enabled him to
make such a claim?