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Revel Contributions to Images: A Journal of Jewish Art and Visual Culture

The Arch of Titus in Rome The Arch of Titus in Rome

Images a Journal of Jewish Art and Visual Culture has a special status for Bernard Revel Graduate School and for Yeshiva University as a whole.  Co-founded by our own Professor Steven Fine, scholars from Yeshiva and across the academic world explore the vast world of Jewish art and visual culture--ranging in time from Greco-Roman antiquity to the present day. The journal examines representations of Jewish architecture, painting, sculpture, treasury arts, book arts, graphics, textiles, photography and film, as well as theory and historiography of the field.

Now, alumni of Yeshiva University and Revel have who pursued their fascination with Jewish art and its historical and cultural impact under Professor Fine have taken their training into the larger world and contributed to Images: Journal of Jewish Art and Visual Culture.

Yitzchak Schwartz’s article (YC, Revel; doctoral candidate, NYU), examines the complex dynamics of interfaith relations in the interwar period in his article: “A Gift From One of the Jewish Faith: The Menorahs at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine and Liberal Religion in Interwar America.” He had this to say about the process that led to his study:

“When I came to YU as a freshman I knew that I wanted to study history and by my second year it became clear that Jewish history was what I was most passionate about. I was also passionate about art and Dr. Steven Fine took me under his wing. He knew I was interested in early-twentieth century American Judaism and American religion and suggested that I explore the donation of the menorahs at St. John the Divine as my senior thesis project. I took his advice and what I found in the archives exceeded both of our expectations. Dr,. Fine encouraged me to rework my thesis into a publishable paper and I worked on the paper during my time at Revel. It was published in Images this Fall. I am so grateful to Professor Fine and my other mentors at Revel for encouraging me and giving me the tools to pursue graduate studies in Jewish history. I don't think I could have gotten the education I did anywhere but YU and Revel.”


Shimshon Aisenberg (YC, Revel; doctoral candidate, Stanford) published “Antokolskii’s Inquisition,” an article bringing to light the life and art of the  seminal Russian-Jewish artist of the nineteenth century, Mark Antokolskii.

Rachel Kupferman (SCW; MA, Art Institute of Chicago) serves as managing editor of the latest edition. She reflected on her education and her editorship:

“My experience at Stern College was a fantastic preparation for my professional path. My liberal arts degree prepared me for my MA in Art History as well as for curatorial positions in the Yeshiva University Museum and the Art Institute of Chicago. Studying art and Judaic studies on a university level was a gift that only a dual curriculum could afford. Working as an editor for Images is a wonderful way for me to apply my love of history and art to my passion for Judaic studies. In the three semesters I spent teaching undergraduate World Cultures and Civilizations, or Art History 101, Jewish art and culture was entirely left out of the conversation. A progressive classroom will include one token Jewish contribution, Dura-Europos. While this gem of history is worthy, there are many more jewels in the chest of historical Jewish art. Unfortunately, they are rarely brought to lecture. Images is on the fore-front of scholarship and trends in the international academic world and in doing this, it becomes a point of authority and pride in the otherwise under represented world of Jewish art. Because of how Jewish culture is often ignored in the context of world culture, I find that at Images, we are soldiers a strange and accidental battle.”


The next issue will include a book review by Matt Williams. (YC; doctoral candidate, Jewish Education, Stanford).

Congratulations to all our alumni of Yeshiva University and The Bernard Revel School of Jewish Studies who contributed to Images a Journal of Jewish Art and Visual Culture. We wish them continuing success!