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Student and Alumni Liaisons

The Revel Student Liaisons can be found at the welcome desk in the new Revel Dean's Suite. In addition to their specialized responsibilities including student development tracking, event planning, and student and alumni outreach, their job is to greet and assist students and other visitors at the Revel office.

Daniel Tabak is pursuing his doctorate in Medieval Jewish History at Revel, but that trajectory wasn’t always clear, even to him. After graduating Yeshiva College with a BA in Economics in 2007, Daniel began taking courses toward an MA at Revel as a co-requisite of his RIETS semikha program.  He ultimately chose to enroll at Revel so that he could study under Professors Berger and Kanarfogel. Read More


anna guettta-revelAnne Guetta made quite a trip to get to Revel's Washington Heights campus. Born in Paris and raised in London, Anne had never spent much time in America—until she began her graduate career. Wishing to further her academic Jewish studies, she decided to come to Revel, where she is now pursuing a degree in medieval Jewish history. Read More

67033U-06Though Ariella Polakoff is new to Revel, her face has become a familiar one to Revel students and faculty. Ariella began serving as one of the Revel Student Liaisons  last fall, sharing her warm smile at the welcome desk in the new Revel Dean’s Suite. Read More


Aliza Storchan, Revel graduate studentAliza Storchan, who will begin serving as one of Revel's Student Liaisons this spring, plans to finish the coursework for her MA in Bible in June, and then take the comprehensive exam in September. At this point, Aliza explains, she has “fallen in love with the Revel community.” Aliza came to Revel after earning an undergraduate degree at the University of Michigan, double-majoring in Judaic Studies and Psychology. Read More