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Meet Elianna Mitnick, one of Revel’s three new Student and Alumni Liaisons.

Having completed her Judaic Studies major at Stern this past spring, Elianna Mitnick is now pursuing a dual graduate degree in Jewish Education and Jewish Studies as part of the inaugural class of the new ARDD (Azrieli-Revel Dual Degree) Program. It was not inevitable for Elianna to end up pursuing three Yeshiva University Degrees. After graduation from Ramaz high school, Elianna spent a year in Israel studying at Shaalvim for Women, after which she planned to attend Brandeis University. But at the conclusion of her year in Israel, Elianna opted instead to study at YU, which offers a Judaic curriculum at the highest levels within an Orthodox matrix.

At Stern College, Elianna cultivated her teaching abilities and leadership qualifications by participating in SCW’s Torah Activities Council, CJF’s Counterpoint Brazil, in addition to serving as a Writing Center tutor. In her senior year, Elianna took a Revel course, and that experience inspired her to pursue a graduate degree in Jewish Studies. She is passionate about studying Tanakh, and strives to master even its “esoteric parts” that are “often overlooked.” Aptly, Elianna wrote her senior honors thesis on the rarely studied Book of Chronicles in comparison with the Book of Kings. Now she is particularly stimulated by her Revel class on Hosea given by Professor Shalom Holtz. With her background in student leadership, Elianna was a good fit to be part of Revel’s new student internship program. She is assisting Rona Steinerman (Revel’s Director of Admissions and Student Affairs) by helping to strengthen the Revel student community and by writing up Revel news and events for the blog and new Facebook page. Current students are encouraged to be in touch with Elianna with questions or concerns regarding their Revel experience.

Visit Elianna on Thursday afternoons at the new Revel Welcome Desk.

This article was written by Rivka Skaist, a current Revel MA student