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Dual Degree in Jewish Studies and Jewish Education

Dual Degree in Jewish Studies and Jewish Education to be offered jointly with Azrieli

Teaming up with the Azrieli Graduate School of Jewish Education and Administration, Revel is excited to offer a  dual master’s degree program in Jewish Studies and Jewish Education beginning September 2012.

Mr. Stuart Halpern, Revel’s Assistant Director of Student Programming and Community Outreach, who holds an MA in Teaching Psychology from Columbia (’06), an MA in Bible from Revel (’09) and is currently pursuing a doctoral degree at Azrieli, will serve as the Revel coordinator of this new program. His Azrieli counterpart will be Prof. Jeffrey Glanz, Silverstein Chair in Professional Ethics & Values and Director of the Azrieli Master's Program. In their words, the purpose of this new dual program is "to provide aspiring Jewish educators with high-level professional preparation in both methods and content, by combining the discipline of pedagogy in Jewish graduate education at Azrieli with the acquisition of a level of expertise in academic Jewish studies at Revel."

Azrieli offers an array of degree programs, including a Master’s of Science in Jewish Education, a Doctor of Education degree, as well as New York State Professional Certification programs in both childhood and adolescent education.  Revel offers Master’s of the Arts degree programs in five concentrations: Bible, Medieval Jewish History, Modern Jewish History, Jewish Philosophy, and Talmud, as well as a Doctor of Philosophy degree in these areas. Since Azrieli focuses on educational methodology and Revel on the content of the previously mentioned areas of study, graduating college students seeking to best prepare themselves for a career as Jewish educators have in the past faced a dilemma of which school to attend. The Azrieli-Revel dual Master’s degree program is designed to alleviate this very problem, and thereby help produce knowledgeable and well-rounded Jewish educators.

The Azrieli master’s degree program consists of 36 credits, of which 24 are core credits, 6 are elective credits, and 6 are field-work credits. The Revel master’s degree consists of 30 credits, of which either 18 or 24  credits (depending on the area of concentration) are fulfilled in the student’s chosen area of study, leaving 12 or 6 credits of  electives in other areas. The Azrieli-Revel dual program allows 6 elective credits of each degree to be fulfilled through classes taken at the other school. Consequently, the dual-program enables students to earn a master’s degree from each of the two schools with a total of 54 credits whereas in the past this would have required earning 66 credits, a significant savings of time and tuition. It is the hope of the two graduate schools that this savings will encourage students to better prepare themselves as Jewish educators by acquiring knowledge in both the pedagogical methods offered by Azrieli, and the academic Jewish studies offered at Revel.

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Article by Elianna Pollack