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Production Services would like to ensure secure and accurate delivery of letter mail and packages to Yeshiva University students. Please read carefully and inform your relatives, friends and business correspondents of the proper address formats for receiving letter mail and packages at Wilf Campus. If you have any questions or concerns, contact Production Services at 646-592-4650 or e-mail

Note: In order to ensure proper email notification, the student name must be written exactly how it appears on the student's Univeristy ID card.

For students residing in residence halls, use the same address for both letter mail and packages.

Student Name
Residence Hall & Room No.
2525 Amsterdam Avenue
New York, NY 10033

Packages are scanned into our internal tracking system. Students will receive an automatic e-mail notification to their university e-mail address advising them that they have a package ready for pick-up at Belfer Hall. Once notified, students can pick up their package. The control/tracking number listed in the e-mail is required to claim your package.

If the student cannot pick up the package in person, e-mail us at and provide us with the following: "I designate "persons name" to pickup my package." The designee will be asked to show a valid University photo I.D.

Most parcels are kept for a maximum of 15 days. If not picked up within 15 days, the package will be returned to sender unless the student contacts  Production Services to make other arrangements.

You'll receive notifications via your email address if you have received a package addressed to you.  

U.S. Letter Mail, UPS, FedEx, DHL, Parcel Post, etc. are to be delivered directly to your off campus location.

Student Name
Street Address, Apt. No.
City, State, Zip-code 

Non-Profit Bulk Mail

The first requirement for non-profit bulk mail qualification involves the size of the mailing - there must be a minimum of 200 identical pieces. The following requirements also apply:

  • ZIP Codes are required on every address. Missing ZIP Codes will delay your mail.
  • Mail pieces must be sorted in ascending ZIP-code order.
  • Only pieces sent to a U.S. address may be part of a bulk mailing. International mail may not be mixed with domestic bulk mail.
  • A departmental return address is required on each mail piece.

Don't use paper or ink colors that are fluorescent. Light colored type on dark stock doesn't work well either. The Post Office needs to be able to see the print of the address and the indicia and a dark or black background inhibits this. Additional costs may be incurred to correct a deficiency of this type.

The Post Office will not accept items smaller than the minimum size. Items larger than the maximums are termed flats and cost more to mail. Postcards and letters must be rectangular in shape.

  • Letter-size
    Minimum: 3½ x 5 inches, .007 inches thick
    Maximum: 6½ x 11½ inches, .25 inches thick
  • Flat-size (long, flat envelopes, like a manuscript)
    Minimum: 6 1/8 x 11½ inches, .25 inches thick
    Maximum: 12 x 15 inches, .75 inches thick
  • Postcards
    Minimum: 3½ x 5 inches, .007 inches thick
    Maximum: 4¼ x 6 inches

The weight limit on a non-profit letter is 3.2873 ounces. Pieces over this weight limit are charged at the higher flats rate.

A block indicating postage has been paid by Yeshiva University must be printed or imprinted by a meter on each mail piece. The postage rates for non-profit bulk mail are substantially less than First Class Mail. However, there are other costs associated with processing non-profit bulk mail. For more information contact Production Services.


An indicia is a permit or imprint that allows the University to mail without putting postage on each piece. Production Services maintains the University's permit accounts with the USPS. Therefore, ALL mailings using a University permit must be coordinated through Production Services.

Mailing Permits

  • The mailing must consist of 200 or more pieces of domestically addressed mail.
  • Content must be substantially related to the mission of the University.
  • Each mail piece must be identical in weight.
  • An individual mail piece must weigh less than 16 ounces.
  • Mail pieces must have a complete University return address.
Pre-Sorted First Class
  • The mailing must consist of 500 or more pieces.
  • Must have a complete University return address.
  • Each piece must be identical in weight.
  • An individual mail piece must weigh less than 11 ounces.
  • Pre-Sorted First Class postage rates are discounted.
  • The mailing must consist of more than 200 and less than 500 pieces.
  • Must have a complete University return address. (Only metered or stamp First Class mail may be sent with no return address).
  • Each piece must be identical in weight.

Indicia/Permit Requirements

  • The indicia must be printed directly on the mail pieces.
  • It must be placed parallel to the address in the upper right corner
  • It must be printed with clear space around it of at least 1/2 inch by 1/2 inch
  • The entire area of the indicia must be no larger than 1 1/2 inches
  • It should be rectangular
  • All pieces must be identical in weight.

Example of Indicia/Permits

Mailing Permit Indicias


UPS Campus Ship Now Available to Yeshiva University Departments At Discounted Rates

UPS Campus Ship is a Web-based, UPS-hosted shipping system for Next Day Air, 2 day Air, Ground and World-Wide Express. You can use it wherever you are, whether in your office or on the road. Shipping and tracking is quick and easy. From your desktop computer, you have everything you need to prepare shipments, ship and track packages, even alert recipients that a package is on its way, all in just a few clicks.  For Campus Ship Training, please contact .

Other Benefits

  • Central control, departments can designate an individual for processing all packages, view all items shipped and access tracking numbers.
  • An address book with auto-complete function reduces entry time and mailing lists may be imported.
  • Address validation reduces address correction costs.
  • Data from handwritten paper forms entered into system by UPS that cause billing errors will be reduced.
  • Paper forms will eventually be obsolete.
  • Data export and reporting - provides the ability to sort, query, export history by dates, users, or recipients

Please Note: Commercial overnight carriers do not deliver to post office boxes. For overnight service to a PO box, you must use U.S. Postal Service's Express Mail Next Day Service.

UPS CampusShip can generate and print international documentation based on origin and destination information of the shipment. In addition to CampusShip, departments have the option of using The United States Postal Service for international mail.

UPS Campus Ship Links

USPS International

How an international piece of mail is addressed has a great impact on whether it is delivered on time, or delivered at all. The U.S. Postal Service requests that the last line of an international address be the country of destination in all caps (in English). Every country has its own unique addressing format and postal code that must also be used.

For more information on address formats rates, fees and custom declaration forms click on the following USPS site:

Business Reply Mail

Business or Courtesy Reply Mail is used when a written reply is desired from correspondents. To encourage a response, preprinted envelopes or postcards are included with outgoing mail. There are three types of reply mail: Business Reply, Courtesy Reply and Metered or Postage Stamp Reply Mail. Your choice will depend on the size of your mailing, the expected number of responses and the cost of preparing the reply envelopes or postcards.

Business Reply Mail enables correspondents to reply without having to pay postage. Postage is only charged on mail pieces that are returned. Using Business Reply Mail requires all envelopes and postcards to be printed in compliance with standards set by the U.S. Postal Service. Contact Production Services for detailed information on postage fees and printing requirements.

Postage on returned Business Reply Mail is charged to Production Services' Business Reply Account. After the returned mail is processed and distributed, Production Services will charge the postage to the receiving University department.

Courtesy Reply Mail provides correspondents with envelopes or postcards but requires them to apply postage. Printing courtesy reply mail envelopes/postcards should include a complete department address and a "Zip+4" bar-code, which can be obtained through Production Services. Printed in the upper right hand corner should be the notation "Affix Postage Here."

Metered or Stamp Reply Mail enables correspondents to mail a reply without having to pay postage. Since postage is applied to the envelopes/postcards before they are initially mailed the applied postage cannot be recovered from mail pieces not returned. Printing metered reply mail pieces should include a complete department address and a "ZIP+4" bar-code, which can be obtained by contacting Production Services. Production Services will apply metered or stamp postage upon request.


The endorsement instructs the U.S. Postal Service where to deliver a mail piece if the address is incorrect or the recipient has moved. The options are to return or to forward a mail piece.

Use one of the following endorsements:

Return Service Requested

"Return Service Requested" will return the mail to you and is the most cost-effective endorsement. The First Class and/or Non-Profit mail piece is returned to the department with the recipients new address or reason for non-delivery. There are no additional fees for returning First Class Mail. A single-piece postage rate fee is charged for Non-Profit mail. Depending on the quality of the mailing list this service can be very expensive.

Address Service Requested

"Address Service Request" will forward the mail to the addressee for twelve months following a move. A separate notice of the new address is sent to the department and charged a 70 cents per piece fee for First-Class and Non-Profit mail. After twelve months or if the First-Class piece is undeliverable the mail is returned to the department with the new address or reason for non-delivery at no charge.

No Endorsement

No address correction sent; mail piece disposed of by the USPS.

Endorsement Locations

There are four locations on the envelope that endorsements may be printed:

  • Under the return address
  • Above the delivery address
  • To the left of the postage area
  • Or below the postage area

See illustration below for text placement options on a standard business envelope. The endorsement must be in 8-point type with a ¼ inch clear zone around all sides.


It should be noted that the University goes to great expense maintaining its lists. Therefore, the use of these endorsements are allowed only upon the express written consent of Production Services.

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