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YU's 27th Model United Nations

Hundreds of Student Delegates Practice International Diplomacy and Form New Friendships at Yeshiva University Model UN Competition

At Yeshiva University's 27th Model United Nations (YUNMUN) competition last week, more than 400 yeshiva high school and community day school students from around the world gathered at the Stamford Plaza Hotel and Conference Center in Stamford, Connecticut, to play the roles of delegates to actual UN member nations while learning about the complexities of international diplomacy firsthand. As delegates, the students debate issues that range from environmental concerns to human rights and world peace, in discussions facilitated by more than 60 YU undergraduates.

"Nowhere but here will you find anything like this," said Avi Strauss, secretary general of YUNMUN. "When schools win, it's prestigious. When delegates come home, it's prestigious, and it really helps you appreciate the wonderful things YU has to offer. I hope the delegates leave the conference with new confidence in their speaking abilities, a comfort in addressing controversial world issues, and new friendships that will last them through high school, college and beyond."

"This is my first time on Model UN and it's truly an incredible experience," said Adam Baron, a delegate from the Torah Academy of Bergen County. "There are 400 delegates from all over the world with different backgrounds and experiences and we're able to come together for a fun time and a great academic competition."

"The committee I chose, the international criminal court, was mock-trial based, and I see myself going into law as a career - this trial during Model UN definitely helped me understand how a courtroom worked," said Yoni Mayer, a student from Katz Yeshiva High School of South Florida.

For Nina Siegel, a senior at Samuel H. Wang Yeshiva University High School for Girls, YUNMUN has always been a source of inspiration. "I'm really excited to go to Stern College for Women as a member of the Class of 2021 because every year at YUNMUN I see all these chairs and they really inspire me and help me see who I could become at stern," she said.