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Yeshiva University to Celebrate 93rd Annual Commencement

Will Honor U.S. Senator John Fetterman as an American Patriot and Hero of Israel

Yeshiva University is proud to celebrate its 2024 graduates, more than 1,700 future leaders of society, at its 93rd annual commencement ceremony. At the commencement on May 29th, Yeshiva University will award its highest honor for global leadership, the Presidential Medallion, to U.S. Senator John Fetterman of Pennsylvania. During these challenging times, the leadership, service, and moral clarity of this American patriot and hero of Israel have been a beacon of hope and strength for the country and the world. 

Photo credit: Office of Senator John Fetterman
Photo credit: Office of Senator John Fetterman

As the flagship Jewish university, Yeshiva University stands as the nation's leader in values-driven higher education and in its support of the U.S.–Israel alliance. Like Senator Fetterman, the Yeshiva University community has been deeply engaged in the post-October 7th battle against antisemitism, and in the pursuit of justice for the victims and the hostages still in captivity. This year in particular, given Senator Fetterman's career of activism on behalf of the United States and Israel, Yeshiva University highlights his stellar example of strength and leadership.

"Senator Fetterman is one of the true heroes of our time for his unwavering and courageous commitment to moral clarity, which has fortified our community and been a clarion call for our country. At this critical moment in Jewish and American history, our commencement exercises mark not just an enormous accomplishment for our students, but also for the global community," said Rabbi Dr. Ari Berman, President of Yeshiva University. "During this dark period of rampant antisemitism and polarization across college campuses, Yeshiva University students stand out for their academic excellence, character and commitment to service."

"It is truly humbling to be invited to share in this milestone with the graduates of Yeshiva University," said Senator Fetterman. "As we gather to celebrate the achievements of the graduating class, we must also acknowledge the profound significance of their journey within the context of the recent surge in antisemitism across the country. I thank Yeshiva University for the opportunity to join these students on this momentous day."

The main commencement exercises will take place at Louis Armstrong Stadium in Queens, with more than 5,000 students, faculty, families, friends, and alumni in attendance.

“Yeshiva University students previously met with Senator Fetterman in Washington, D.C. to thank him for his strong advocacy for Israel."
Yeshiva University students previously met with Senator Fetterman in Washington, D.C. to thank him for his strong advocacy for Israel.