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YU Students Dominate in World’s Largest Investment Banking Competition

(L-R): Arie Guerrero Mandelblum, Ethan Kiaei, Nathan Lehman and Joseph Abrahams at the NIBC Finals in Vancouver, Canada

Beating out over 200 teams comprised of students from the finest universities in North America, four Yeshiva University students advanced to the finals in the National Investment Banking Competition (NIBC), the world's largest investment banking case competition and conference. Only 30 teams advanced to the finals, which took place at the end of February in Vancouver, Canada. Over 1,600 competitors from over 100 universities participated in the yearly event, which was launched in 2007.

Sponsored by the Shevet Glaubach Center for Career Strategy & Professional Development, Joseph Abrahams '24 SB, Ethan Kiaei ‘24 SB, Nathan Lehman ‘24 SB and Arie Guerrero Mandelblum ‘24 SB competed in front of judges from Blackstone, Goldman Sachs, and other prestigious firms.

One of the most important investment bank competitions in the world, NIBC—launched in 2007—prepares students to enter the investment industry. Cases are based on current market information and assessed through the use of professionally prepared models, standard solutions and business cases.

Goldman Sachs Partner Daniel Blank '97 SB coached the students as they approached the finals.

“We are unbelievably thankful for the opportunity to represent YU on a national stage,” said team member Ethan Kiaei. “As a seasoned banker who has advised on some of the most important transactions over the past 25 years, Mr. Blank shared incredible insights. We owe both him and the SGC so much for this chance.”

In the first round, the students were given a case that included a Canadian dental services company that, despite strong growth and debt management, was facing a depressed share price and an unsolicited takeover offer. As a team, it was the students’ job to analyze the company’s industry, position, history, prospects, and valuation to factor in a strategic recommendation in order to avoid a hostile takeover, while ensuring that the company continued on a responsible growth trajectory to maximize shareholder value. This was a fantastic opportunity for the team to continue to build their skills and work in a close-knit environment.

The final round involved the same company, but the students’ analysis shifted. Following six hours of crafting a pitch deck, the team presented to four judges from esteemed firms like Brookfield Asset Management. Although the students did not win, the experience, including feedback from peers and experts, was invaluable.

“Miriam and myself and the entire Shevet are very happy to be able to participate in this,” said Dr. Felix Glaubach, donor and namesake of the Shevet Glaubach Center. “Since the establishment of Shevet Glaubach, we as sponsors of the development center are extremely happy when we hear that the students have made use of the facilities and the offerings of the center we’ve established. Over this past year, many more students have been placed in very satisfying places of employment and are very happy in their new surroundings after school.”