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YU Statement On The NYT Story

An article has appeared in the New York Times (link) with allegations regarding YU’s use of state funding that are both wrong and offensive. When our community is attacked and misrepresented in this way, it is important to be clear that there is absolutely no validity or legitimate legal claim to the assertions about YU in this story. 

See below for our statement on this matter:

Yeshiva University is the nation’s flagship Jewish university, deeply rooted in our Torah and our tradition. The First Amendment allows us to provide a world-class academic and professional education in the context of, and alongside, an intense religious education.

In the last five years, including this past summer in Carson v. Makin, the Supreme Court has three times ruled that the government may not restrict funding to religious schools because of their free exercise. And no government can ever retaliate against anyone for defending their religious beliefs in court. Yeshiva will continue to defend its right to religious liberty while ensuring the right of its students to be treated by the state on equal footing with students at every other university. 

The allegations of discrimination are equally false and offensive. Our students, including our LGBTQ students, come to Yeshiva because of our commitment to Torah values. In keeping with our commitment to our students, YU last year announced the framework for the Kol Yisrael Areivim club for our undergraduate students who identify as LGBTQ and are striving to live authentic Torah lives. Our Office of Student Life is working together with our students on the activities of this club.