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YC Honors Program Hosts Yearly Nobel Prize Nanosecond Party

On Wednesday, Nov. 16, 2022, the Jay and Jeanie Schottenstein Honors Program of Yeshiva College hosted its highly anticipated annual Nobel Prize Nanosecond Party.

The virtual event was introduced by Dr. Eliezer Schnall, director of the Program, and Dr. Gabriel Cwilich, professor of physics and founder of the event.

Members of the YU faculty presented talks on each of this year’s Nobel Prize recipients.

  • Dr. Sumanta Goswami, associate professor and chair of biology, spoke about the work that established a genetic connection between modern human beings and Neanderthals, which earned the Prize in Medicine or Physiology.
  • Dr. Fredy Zypman, chair of the department of Physics, discussed the work in entanglements and its benefits to mankind that received the Prize in Physics.
  • Dr. James Camara, associate professor of chemistry, explained the development of click chemistry for the Chemistry Prize.
  • Dr. Rachel Mesch, professor of English and French, discussed the Prize in Literature for works of literary biography and its social and political context.
  • Dr. Maria Zaitseva, clinical assistant professor in political science, described how civil society was able promote human-rights and democracy for the Peace Prize.
  • Dr. Abraham Ravid, Professor and chair of the department of Finance at Department at the Sy Syms School of Business, explained the role of banks in managing a financial crisis for the prize in Economics.

Dr. Cwilich inaugurated the Nobel Prize Nanosecond Party in 2004 and recounted the development of the annual celebration that has become a Yeshiva College Honors Program tradition. After attending the event, ​Caleb Gitlitz, ’25 YC, remarked, “It was an excellent, educational experience where we got to learn about the various Nobel Prizes, this year’s awardees and their contribution to society. The professors did an excellent job of explaining and discussing the fields of the prizes being given and the awardees themselves.”

Added Dr. Schnall, “The annual Nobel Nanosecond Party showcases the breadth and depth of intellectual life available to Yeshiva College students with professors and researchers in humanities and the sciences sharing their expertise in a broad array of disciplines.”