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Justyna Rzewinski, PhD Candidate Presenting via NASW-NYS in September

Wurzweiler PhD candidate Justyna Rzewinski, LCSW, is schedule to present via NASW-NYS Beyond The Case Files: Service Providers Educating Justice Impacted Individuals On Their Right To Vote on September 19th, 2024.

The workshop will delve into the historical context of voting rights, explore its relevance to justice-impacted individuals and communities, and emphasize the significance of service providers being well-versed in voting rights when assisting individuals affected by the criminal legal system. It will underscore the importance of social workers being knowledgeable about voting rights, given the likelihood of serving clients impacted by mass incarceration. 

Furthermore, participants will gain insight into how disenfranchisement disproportionately affects individuals and communities of color.  The presenter will describe the strategies to advocate for voting rights and to support  impacted individuals effectively. Additionally, the presenter will offer guidance on ways service providers can educate their clients on voting rights and empower them to become advocates themselves.

Register for the live webinar HERE.