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Women in Biotech: Katz Event Explores the Rewards and Challenges of a Career in Biotechnology

Rana Kahn, Director Biotech Program/Katz school

From the gene-editing powers of CRISPR-Cas9 to the creation of “clean meat” technologies, the biotechnology field continues to top one new development with another in rapid succession, and because of this innovative velocity, there is an increasing need for biotech leaders who understand both the science and the business of this ever-expanding field.

Where do women fit into this process? Do they face the same gender parity issues that they confront in other areas of science, technology, engineering and math, or STEM? What challenges should they prepare for as they launch a career in biotech?

A top-notch panel of scientists and entrepreneurs came together to answer these questions at the Katz School of Science and Health’s first fall event for Women in Bio. “Leading Biotech and Healthcare Organizations from Early to Late Stage,” was co-organized by Dr. Rana Khan, director of the MS in Biotechnology Management and Entrepreneurship Program at the Katz School, and the New York Chapter of Women in Bio, the national organization for women in life sciences.

Panelists included Dr. Christina Brennan, vice president of clinical research, Northwell Health; Dr. Jeanne Magram, chief scientific officer, Quentis Therapeutics; Dr. Sandra Saldana, CEO and co-founder of Alva Health and adjunct professor at Yeshiva University; and Dr. Mani Mohindru, CFO and chief strategy officer at Cara Therapeutics.

The event was a resounding success with great speakers and engaged attendees, one of whom described it as a difference-making experience. “It was empowering to sit in a roomful of professional women, in top roles, opening their hearts about the challenges they are going through. I came away with two new connections that are meaningful to my career. Thank you, YU, for hosting such a memorable event.”