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Natan Ehrenreich ’23YC on Anti-Semitisim

The Wall Street Journal runs a feature called Future View, which solicits opinions on a variety of topics.

In the Jan. 27, 2022, issue, the topic was anti-Semitism, and Natan Ehrenreich ’23YC, a political science major at Yeshiva College and a Straus Scholar at the Zahava and Moshael Straus Center for Torah and Western Thought , had this to say:

No Equity, No Tolerance

Anti-Semitism exists on both the far right and far left, but tolerance for fringe anti-Semitism seems to be much higher in leftist circles. You’re not going to see David Duke or Richard Spencer featured on Fox News, but if you tune in to MSNBC, you have the misfortune of listening to Al Sharpton lecture about the recent anti-Semitic attack in Texas—even though Mr. Sharpton has a documented history of anti-Semitic comments.

No one tolerates anti-Semitism from the right. It is called out and condemned. The same cannot always be said of leftist anti-Semitism. Given that figures like Mr. Sharpton are routinely featured on mainstream liberal networks, it’s obvious that the side that proclaims itself concerned with compassion and tolerance is failing to live up to its own ideals.

YU News caught up with Natan to talk about what motivated him to share his views.

anti-Semitism Straus Center Natan Ehrenreich
Congratulations on your publication. How did you find out about Future View?

I am a Straus Scholar at the Straus Center for Torah and Western Thought at YU. The Straus staff encourages us to submit our writing for publication and makes us aware of possible avenues to do so. This was also my second time being published in Future View.

What prompted you to submit your words?

I felt that the issue was particularly relevant to Jewish students and that I had the ability to add a unique insight.

I think that it's important for YU students, and Jewish students in general, to contribute to the national discourse when appropriate. YU students have the opportunity to bring a distinct perspective to the conversation, and it falls upon us not to let that opportunity go to waste.

I submitted my piece in the hope that it could play a small role in advocating the values I hold dear.

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