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Meet Our Students: Simcha Halpert

YU News had a chance to sit down with Simcha Halpert ’19SB to speak about the MS in Digital Marketing & Media at the Katz School of Science and Health and the Pathways Program.

Simcha Halpert headshotWhere are you from and what brought you to YU?
I am from the Beverlywood area in Los Angeles, California. I came to Yeshiva University to help improve the basketball team and get a great education. Being in the heart of New York City was a selling point for me, too, because it’s the city of endless possibilities, and there are thousands of jobs to choose from.

What sparked your interest in digital marketing?
I thoroughly enjoyed the undergraduate courses I took to receive a minor in marketing, and I was intrigued to learn more and expand my knowledge of the industry. Because of how digital marketing has changed over the years, there are so many exciting opportunities available at all kinds of businesses. Every successful business needs marketing.

Why did you choose Katz for your graduate studies?
Katz provided me with the ability to further my education, work full-time and continue playing for the YU basketball program. I loved my undergraduate experience at YU and wanted to continue to be part of the community here. The quality of the professors was also an important part of my decision because I want to gain as much insight about the industry as I can before graduation.

I’m grateful to have the opportunity to continue my studies at YU thanks to the pathways scholarship.

How did the pathways scholarship benefit you?
Pathways was a no-brainer for me because I was able to become a part of a high-quality graduate program for a lowered cost. Additionally, I’ve been able to gain real-life experience during the day and take classes at night with peers who understand the value of hard work. Most of us in the program are really busy, and the scholarship has taken a lot of the financial burden off of me so I can focus on school and work.

What advice do you have for other students applying to graduate school at YU?
Grad school is the ideal time to figure out what you really want to do with your life, so make sure you pick something that interests you. Do what you love and don’t settle for less because at the end of the day, happiness is what everyone should be striving for.

At Katz, I’ve had the privilege of learning from professional, educated and patient professors who are teaching from their years of experience in the marketing world.