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YU News

Mark Drawings: Principles of Drawing | Fall 2023

On view in Pollack Library (2nd floor, Gottesman Library building) are twelve pencil and charcoal drawings, all from the third week of Carla Aurich's Principles of Drawing class, emphasizing the use of marks, as opposed to continuous line drawing. Marks are first used to measure height and width, and when the form emerges, marks are then used as an expressive element, eventually building up and overlapping to create a specific form. The goal of this exercise is to capture the proportions, structure, and character of the jackets.

Akiva Merel, Biker Jacket, charcoal on paper

Class members Caleb Astrof, Nesanel Blass, David Daman, Omer Gal-Er, Trevor Hanuka, Meir Hass, Jacob Israelstam, Akiva Merel, Michael Panetz, and Moises Zafrani all contributed their work to the exhibition.