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Dr. Fredy Zypman Receives Prestigious Award

Dr. Fredy Zypman Receives 2018 Materials Today Embracing Challenge Award

Fredy ZypmanDr. Fredy Zypman, professor of physics and co-chair of the Department of Physics, has received the Materials Today Embracing Challenge Award, sponsored by the journal Materials Today, published by Elsevier, an international multimedia publishing business serving the educational, professional science and healthcare communities worldwide.

The award honors “researchers in the field of materials science and engineering who have overcome difficult circumstances to pursue their research career, however early or advanced, and are contributing meaningful insights in their particular field of investigation.” Dr. Zypman was chosen to receive the award for the significant personal challenges he overcame in his early years growing up in Uruguay and still going on to make significant contributions across various fields of science.

The Award’s judging panel, chaired by the editors of the journal Materials Today, Dr. Jun Lou, Rice University, and Dr. Gleb Yushin, Georgia Institute of Technology, selected Dr. Zypman based on his achievements and the challenges he overcame to realize these achievements. The recipient receives a cash prize and all-expenses-paid attendance at the award reception, which will be held at Rice University on September 27-28, 2018.

“Fredy Zypman lived through state repressions and had to deal with the authoritarian military government while studying and doing research in Uruguay in the beginning of his research career to hereafter receive a PhD from Case Western Reserve University and become a remarkably inventive scientist and a beloved professor at the University of Puerto Rico and at Yeshiva University,” Yushin said. “Fredy’s major scientific contributions are absolutely remarkably broad: from medical instrumentation to construction materials to natural gas pipe protection to space lubrication to nano-friction to scanning probe microscopy to quantum field theory and colloidal science.”

“I want to thank Elsevier’s Materials Today and to the Materials Today Embracing Challenge Award judging panel for selecting me for this year’s award,” said Dr. Zypman. “It brings back good memories of youthful unbound sources of energy driven just by the love of learning. More importantly, my hope is that my little story may motivate young minds to a life of learning and to understand its huge potential for self-fulfillment and for serving society. I see the need to spread this message from interactions with my students, and the young football-soccer players that I support on weekends. I would like to dedicate this recognition to everyone that endures unjustified restrictions of liberties and opportunities in their everyday life.”