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Continuing The Burdick Legacy

Jean Burdick Donates Artwork to YU in Honor of Lucille and Sidney Burdick's 50th Yahrtzeit

Noted artist Jean Burdick came to Yeshiva University’s Wilf Campus on June 9 to donate two of her pieces of art to mark the 50th yahrzeit [anniversary of death] of her aunt and uncle, Lucille and Sidney Burdick z”l.

Burdick (640x427) Artist Jean Burdick donated two prints to Morgenstern’s Burdick Lounge.

The two signed and numbered prints were hung in the lobby of the Morgenstern Residence Hall. Morgenstern’s Burdick Lounge was dedicated by her aunt’s mother, Theresa Felsen, in 1965 in memory of the Burdicks after they perished in a plane crash in Peru.

“Theresa Felsen had a great affection for Yeshiva University which is why she donated funds to name the lounge in their honor,” said Burdick. “My aunt and uncle did not have any children of their own and I believe it is the responsibility of our family to continue their memory and legacy.”

Burdick recalled her aunt, uncle and parents’ support for her interest in art while she was still a child.

A native of Pennsylvania, Jean Burdick earned her BFA in Fine Arts and Art Education from Brooklyn’s Pratt Institute and an MFA in Painting and a Masters in Art Education from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia.

“I am so proud to represent the entire Burdick family in honoring the memory of Sidney and Lucille Burdick on the 50th anniversary of their yahrzeit,” said Burdick. “My artwork, ‘Dual Shadows’ and ‘Trailing’ is my small personal gesture to honor their lives.”