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Cardozo News Brief: Jan. 17, 2020

Campus News

Professor Gabor Rona Analyzes International Law and the Iran Plane Crash in NBC News Op-ed

Professor Gabor Rona wrote an op-ed for NBC News about international law violations in the Iran plane crash. “...endless cycles of revenge would make the world a considerably more dangerous place than it already is,” Rona writes.

Professor Jessica Roth Talks on Bloomberg Radio about Impeachment Trial

Professor Jessica Roth was guest on Bloomberg Radio, where she spoke about the recent developments in the White House impeachment inquiry. On House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s impeachment managers, Roth said: “She's clearly made some very strategic choices in terms of putting together a team of managers to bring a diverse set of skills and backgrounds to the process.” Clip oneClip two

Professor Kate Shaw Offers Analysis of Impeachment Trial on ABC News

Professor Kate Shaw spoke about the impeachment trial with George Stephanopoulus on ABC News, saying “they took an oath to do impartial justice under the Constitution and the laws...we don’t really know how it’s going to play out yet; and I don’t think they do either.”

IMAP Course Offers Introduction to Dispute Resolution for Students

Nearly two dozen students ranging from 1Ls to LL.M.s spent their winter break delving into the law and procedure governing this common form of private, binding dispute resolution in the introductory “Representation in Arbitration” course. Adjunct Professor Brian Farkas ’13 created the course to provide students with an overview of the aspect of law that he said is central to today’s legal landscape.

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