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Both Sides in Yeshiva University Lawsuit Agree to a Stay

Stay will allow University to continue appeal without threat of sanctions

For Immediate Release: September 22, 2022

Media Contact: Ryan Colby 202-349-7219

WASHINGTON – Yeshiva University and the Pride Alliance group have independently agreed that a stay should be entered to allow Yeshiva University to appeal a ruling against it without the threat of sanctions. In June, a state court ordered Yeshiva University to “immediately” give official recognition to Pride Alliance, an LGBTQ pride group. Yeshiva University had been seeking the stay of that order from various courts since June, with Pride Alliance arguing that a stay was improper.

Yesterday, however, the Pride Alliance reversed course and agreed to enter into a stay. The change comes a few days after the United States Supreme Court issued a ruling directing further state court action, with four Justices indicating Yeshiva University is “likely” to prevail on its claims, and the other five Justices inviting Yeshiva University back if the state courts failed to grant relief. In the wake of that order, the New York Appellate Division on Tuesday, September 20, agreed to reconsider its prior ruling against Yeshiva University. And now Pride Alliance has agreed that Yeshiva University should be able to conduct its appeals without being forced to violate its religious identity.

“As explained yesterday, we are starting clubs after the Jewish Holidays when students are back on campus,” said Hanan Eisenman, Director Of Communications at Yeshiva University. “Now that Pride Alliance has offered a stay, we have sent their lawyers a signed agreement to stay the trial court order.  We look forward to working together to quickly resolve this issue.”