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YU News

MTA Introduces Exciting New Programs And Initiatives

MTA is excited to share new programs and opportunities that have either been launched this year or will be initiated next year. “Excellence is more than an achievement; it is a mindset,” shared Head of School Rabbi Joshua Kahn. “While we are proud of the excellence we have achieved, our goal is to continually reflect on who we are and how we can continue to enhance the MTA experience for our talmidim.” The innovative new initiatives include:

  • Exclusive YU Scholarship For MTA Graduates - Part of what makes MTA unique is that it is the Yeshiva University boys high school. This partnership provides many MTA talmidim with an 8-year educational growth experience. MTA is thrilled to announce that Yeshiva University is offering an annual $5,000 scholarship to all MTA graduates! (This scholarship cannot be combined with any other scholarships offered directly by YU). In addition, all MTA Seniors can get a head start on their college education by taking courses at YU free of charge during Senior year. The yeshiva’s late afternoon program for Seniors mirrors the college schedule and allows for more choice and seamless integration between college and high school courses.
  • MTA Masmidim Program - MTA is excited to launch a new Masmidim program for the 2022-2023 school year! The program will provide the opportunity for a small chaburah of 6-8 talmidim per year to undertake a more rigorous Torah learning program, including an additional Bekius seder, enhanced Night Seder, Friday morning Shiur, and a weekly chevrusah with a member of the YU Kollel. This select group will be part of our top Shiur, while the additional learning opportunities will enable them to push themselves further, as well as benefit from a uniquely warm and personal environment. Talmidim who are accepted into the Masmidim program will be eligible for an additional Masmidim scholarship. For more information or to apply, please contact Associate Principal Rabbi Shimon Schenker at
  • New Electives - This year, MTA expanded its electives program to include an Entrepreneurship track that begins in 10th Grade, Computer Science and Coding, Graphic Design, and an enhanced Scientific Engineering track headquartered in the Innovation STEM Lab. 
  • Athletic Center Renovation - An important part of the MTA experience for talmidim is the opportunity to be physically active, have recreational activities, and participate in team sports. Whether it's during gym or joining MTA’s athletic teams, many talmidim gain skills they can use both on and off the courts. Plans are currently underway to renovate the gym, creating a brand new athletic center, which will enhance the yeshiva’s athletic experience. Additionally, the gym is often used as a multipurpose room, where MTA hosts lively chagigas, inspirational kumzitses, and other important programs. The new space will allow the yeshiva to host even more meaningful programs and events. Stay tuned for more details.
  • Enhanced Dorm Experience - MTA’s dorm program ensures the happiness, growth, and success of the yeshiva’s talmidim while living on campus and includes weekly dorm dinners, dorm Night Seder, exclusive programming, Friday morning breakfast and chaburahs, regular shabbatonim, trips, and more. MTA also offers the opportunity for Seniors to spend 2-3 nights per week in the dorm, where they participate in additional limmud Torah programming and learn b’chevrusah with Freshmen who dorm. The MTA dorm isn’t just a place to sleep, it’s a true community with plenty of opportunities to learn, bond, and grow. MTA’s thriving dorm community consists of talmidim who are from out of state and even out of the country, as well as talmidim who live in the tri-state area but choose to dorm so they can maximize their MTA experience. 
  • Afternoon Seder - Under the leadership of Rabbi Ezra Wiener, Rosh Beis Medrash, and Rabbi Schenker, Associate Principal, MTA has already launched an afternoon seder for Seniors who are interested in devoting either elective or free time to enhanced Talmud Torah. The talmidim, who span the full range of Shiurim, participate in either chaburah learning with Rabbi Wiener and Rabbi Schenker or chevrusah learning with their peers.   

“These incredible new initiatives and programs will truly strengthen the overall experience that MTA provides for our talmidim,” said Rabbi Kahn. “We look forward to sharing our progress and creating even more ways to enhance our MTA community.”