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YU News

MTA Kicks Off Hebrew Elective Course For Juniors

MTA recently kicked off its 10th year of Meet The Israeli Author, an elective course for Juniors, created by Director of Hebrew Language Mrs. Tova Fish-Rosenberg.  The course, which is unique to MTA, provides talmidim with the opportunity to work directly with an award-winning Israeli author via video-conference workshops conducted entirely in Hebrew.  This one-of-a-kind experience enables talmidim to not only develop their creative writing skills, but also to cultivate their Hebrew language skills at a higher level.  

Under the mentorship of award-winning Hebrew Language Instructor Ms. Liora Haibi, talmidim work on crafting short stories written exclusively in Hebrew and participate in monthly video-conference workshops with award-winning Israeli author Chana Bat Shahar.  Each workshop focuses on a different element of story writing development. Talmidim come prepared to the workshops with segments of the stories they are writing that correspond with the monthly topic. Ms. Bat Shahar provides constructive critiques on each talmid’s work, allowing them to reshape their stories based on her expert feedback.  

The course culminates with the printing of the completed stories in a journal, which is housed in the Publication Room at the National Library of Israel in Jerusalem.  Each year, the program begins with a journal presentation to course participants from the previous year, followed by an introduction for talmidim currently enrolled in the course to Ms. Bat Shahar via video conference.  This course is generously sponsored by Arielle and Donny (‘02) Rosenberg.