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MTA Launches New Areas Of Academic Concentration

This year, MTA expanded its academic programs for Sophomores to offer three new areas of academic concentration: Entrepreneurship, Engineering+, and Torah Leadership.  Spearheaded by Director of Teaching and Learning Rabbi Dov Emerson, this new program gives talmidim the opportunity to hone their interests and gain in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience in the specific areas that interest them. “One of the great differentiators of the MTA experience is the personalized education that is provided for each boy. The Academic Concentrations Program is the logical next step in helping to provide an outstanding and diverse learning experience,” said Rabbi Emerson. “These concentrations allow talmidim with particular passions and interests to dive deeper with a cohort of like-minded individuals, under the expert tutelage of educators who are thought leaders in these areas. In our Torah Leadership Concentration, talmidim learn how to apply the Torah knowledge they are learning in yeshiva in ways that can impact the broader community, including speaking and writing. Our Entrepreneurship group is exposed to a wide variety of models for business success, and is given opportunities to meet with leaders in the field and participate in serious hands-on learning experiences. Finally, our Engineering Concentration allows boys who are already involved in our STEM Engineering courses to further develop their knowledge, with a focus on creating high-level projects utilizing the skills they are learning.”

Directed by Shuey Jacoby (‘02), the Entrepreneurship Concentration features a hands-on exploration of what it takes to launch a product or company from the ground up. Talmidim learn the basics of business and innovation - from product development through marketing and sales - and gain a fundamental understanding of how to develop a business plan. This hands-on course requires talmidim to work within groups, providing them with an understanding of the importance and necessity of collaboration. Leveraging MTA and Yeshiva University’s tremendous alumni network, as well as the intellectual capital at the Sy Syms School of Business and the YU Innovation Lab, talmidim benefit from expert guest speakers as well as the opportunity to see and learn from innovative companies.

The Engineering+ Concentration, directed by MTA Science Chair Ms. Megan HLZacks,  facilitates the open exchange of ideas, where talmidim engage in intellectual conversation, challenge each other to grow, innovate, build, and create together. The cohort explores the tools and experiences of Engineers, both in the MTA Makespace and the larger New York City community. Talmidim learn to use advanced tools and go beyond the classroom to experience Engineering in the field through site visits to industries, technology vendors, college research laboratories, and Makerspace workshops.

Under the guidance of MTA Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Michael Taubes, talmidim participating in the Torah Leadership Concentration learn how to effectively extract and communicate Torah thoughts and content. Throughout this course, talmidim develop a variety of Torah presentation skills, both written and oral, including how to select topics, how to research and read Torah sources, how to best present effective divrei Torah and shiurim, how to engage an audience, how to weave stories into written and oral presentations, how to feel self-confident, and so much more.