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YU News

Rav Amar Shares Words with Students

by Yair Caplan ('17)


On Tuesday, Rabbi Tanchum Cohen's BMK Shiur had the great privilege of hearing Harav Shlomo Amar give a Shiur Klali to the entire Yeshiva University yeshiva program. Rav Amar served as Sephardic Chief Rabbi from 2003-2013 and he currently serves as Sephardic Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem. Rav Amar spoke about issues relating to kedushas klei hamikdash, focusing largely on a difficult Halacha of the Rambam relating to the topic. He was in YU for the tri-annual chag hasemikha, in celebration of Rav Herschel Schachter receiving the Aluf Torah Award. The boys appreciated the outstanding opportunity to hear from a world-renowned Torah scholar in person.

Click here to listen to the shiur.