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YU News

Students and Faculty Donate Blod to Save Lives

by Raziel Siegman ('17)


This past Tuesday, the ARISTA Honors Society coordinated its second Blood Drive of the school year. The New York Blood Center, the largest blood donation organization in the tri-state area, which supplies blood to dozens of major hospitals, arrived early in the morning to collect blood throughout the school day. Over the course of the day, students and faculty, as well as a handful of YU students, strolled into the MTA library to make their blood donations. Although some were apprehensive before donating, especially many MTA students who were donating for the first time, everyone felt good afterwards knowing that their act of chesed can save the lives of people who are in need of blood transfusions. After all was said and done, there were fifty pints of blood donated, topping the total from the Blood Drive from earlier this year! As more students turn 16, we hope to have an even higher turnout during our final drive this coming May. Much thanks to the NYBC staff who worked hard to ensure the success of the program, as well as to all who donated.