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Seniors and Faculty Host Elie Hirt's Sheva Berachos

by Moshe Cohen ('17)


This past Wednesday, the seniors had the privilege of participating in Sheva Berachos for Elie and Daniella Hirt, who got married last Sunday. Not only was there delicious food, but the spiritual ambiance was unmatched. Both the dancing and the student speeches exemplified what Elie has tried to instill within us: achdus. Elie is known for his devoted care for all students and this was demonstrated throughout the program. It wasn't just a bunch of Rebbeim and talmidim halachically fulfilling a mitzvah, and it wasn't just some students honoring a faculty member. What it felt like was a group of people wanting their friends to be happy. Being able to dance with the chassan, and listen to the Rebbeim speak and recite the berachos just strengthened that feeling. We really felt like we were part of the process and that we all came together for the higher purpose of making the chassan and kallah happy. We wish the couple a lot of simchah and we are grateful for all they have done for us. Mazel Tov!