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NCSY and MTA Partner to Send Group of Students on Omaha Chesed Mission

by Yaakov Lauer ('18)


Two weeks ago, nine MTA boys, along with Rabbi Green, went to Omaha, Nebraska as part of an NCSY chesed mission that was run in conjunction with MTA. The program, which was beautifully run and organized by Rabbi Eitan Katz of New Jersey NCSY, was mainly focused on working with Habitat for Humanity. The group was able assist in building the house of someone in need, while learning about the importance of chesed and about the role Habitat plays for many families.

After spending two days putting up drywall on the ceilings and walls, the students got ready to spend Shabbos in the lovely and quaint Jewish community of Omaha. The entire membership graciously invited the boys into their homes and prepared meals for them through the local Shul. The students were in charge of organizing all of the activities for Shabbos, including davening for the tzibbur, laining, delivering divrei Torah, running a Tu Bishvat kiddush, and socializing with all the congregants to learn about Jewish life in Omaha.

The next day, the group went to a homeless shelter before they had to fly back home. After an informative and inspirational tour, they saw what it really means to help care for all people. They then made cards for the inhabitants of the shelter, who were extremely touched by the gesture. MTA thanks Rabbi Katz for his amazing work on this inspiring trip and Rabbi Green, who joined the MTA students. This mission was truly defining in what the power of chesed can be.