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9th Grade Yeshiva Fellowship Talmidim Learn The Halachos of Building an Eruv First-Hand

by DJ Wartelsky ('20)


Even the pouring rain couldn't deter the 9th Grade Yeshiva Fellowship students from visiting Passaic, NJ to examine the community's Eruv this past Tuesday. The tour was led by world-renowned Eruv expert Rabbi Micha Shotkin, and the boys were accompanied by their fellowship dean, Rabbi Mendelson. Rabbi Shotkin explained to the boys the reason behind an Eruv, different problems that arise when trying to build the Eruv, and the halachos of karmelis and karfeph. Rabbi Shotkin also showed them his equipment as well as how he uses a camera stabilizer to steady his laser. He showed us the lechis and korahs which he uses and explained to us how he manages to continue to evade arrest despite doing work which on-lookers find rather strange. Following the tour, the fellowship was treated to lunch at King of Delancey, after which they returned to the Yeshiva, soaking wet, but drenched with satisfaction.