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YU News

Senior Class Meets President Joel ('68)

by Raziel Siegman ('17)


On Tuesday morning, half of the senior class visited the President of Yeshiva University, Richard Joel ('68), followed by the other half of the seniors on Wednesday morning. The students gathered in the President's office in Belfer Hall overlooking the Manhattan skyline, where he began with a brief dvar Torah describing how the very first words G-d spoke in the entire Torah were "Vayihi Ohr." This message, that we must enlighten the world around us, should be one of the foremost principles in our lives; that we are not here just for ourselves, but for others as well. Then, the students discussed various aspects of the future of their lives, especially choosing a college. President Joel explained all that YU has to offer, and explained its unique combination of an excellent education while staying committed to Torah and Judaism. More importantly, he explained that we must stay true to who we are, and jump into the future with certain "non-negotiables" that we must not sacrifice for the enticing society that we live in.

The seniors were all very grateful that President Joel took time out of his schedule to meet with them, and are looking forward to more encounters with him in the future.