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Rabbi Mendelson's Shiur Spends Shabbos in YU

by Noam Putterman ('18)

This past Shabbos, Rabbi Mendelson's shiur partook of their first "In Shabbos" of the year. The purpose of the "In Shabbos" is first and foremost to spend Shabbos with the shiur engaged in talmud Torah on the Yeshiva University campus and in the Beis Medrash, the ideal atmosphere for an inspiring Shabbos and personal growth. The talmidim in the shiur experienced what Shabbos in Yeshiva was like: the meals, the zemiros, the divrei Torah, and of course, the meaningful and intense learning.

Between Kabbalas Shabbas and Ma'ariv, the students had the privilege to hear from YU Rosh Yeshiva HaRav Yitzchok Cohen, shlita, who spoke of the importance of treating one's efforts in learning as if it is one's entire world; talmidim must own the learning to gain from it. The shiur carried this message into the Glueck Beis Medrash immediately following the first Shabbos seudah, engaging in serious Talmud Torah in preparation for their upcoming bechinah. The learning continued for close to three hours with unwavering intensity and genuine "ameilus baTorah." Following this, a special tisch was held in Muss Hall, led by their Rebbe, Rabbi Mendelson. The singing was wholehearted and the atmosphere warmer than the subsequent cholent! The talmidim heard a dvar Torah from senior Yair Caplan ('17), who spoke about the value of the Shabbosim in Yeshiva and particularly the "In Shabbosim." The talmidim then heard a dvar Torah from their Rebbe about Parshas Noach and the need to establish a Beis Midrash for oneself. The tisch ended with everyone standing up and interlocking their arms for the last few songs together with their Rebbe. At the end of the program, some opted to go to sleep, but most returned to the Beis Midrash further inspired by the divrei Torah to conclude their Friday night steeped in learning Torah.

On Shabbos morning, the shiur davened shacharis with the Yeshiva, and made their own kiddush, with scrumptious rugelach and orange juice. During kiddush, the shiur heard from YU Rosh Yeshiva, HaRav Baruch Simon, shlita, who spoke of the importance of every single word of Torah. The shiur then ate Shabbos lunch with Yeshiva University students, which again featured wonderful zemiros and a powerful dvar Torah. The talmidim once again carried their inspiration back to the Beis Midrash, where they sat and learned throughout the afternoon. The boys questioned one another and their Rebbe, helped one another and, most importantly, learned together. This learning continued until Minchah, which was followed by shalosh seudos. The Yeshiva heard from guest speaker HaRav Yisroel Kaminetsky, shlita, the Menahel of DRS, who spoke of the value of unity in a Yeshiva and its ramifications for us as part of Yeshiva University.

All of the boys in the shiur truly enjoyed this Shabbos with their Rebbe in Yeshiva, and hope to carry the messages from HaRav Cohen, HaRav Simon, and HaRav Kaminetsky far into the future, enlightening the Yeshiva with their Torah on the way.