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YU News

Hatzioni Club Sits Down With Deputy Foreign Minister of Israel

by Ben Tzion Zuckier ('17)


Last Wednesday, Hatzioni was fortunate to have the opportunity to spend some time with the Deputy Foreign Minister of Israel, Tzipi Hotovely, at a YU event. MTA freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors, along with various YU students and YU Vice President for University and Community Life Rabbi Kenneth Brander, gathered in YU President Richard Joel's meeting room and were addressed by Ms. Hotovely. She stressed the importance of cultivating religiously observant political figures, detailed her own personal background, and described her experiences in the government. She then opened the floor to questions regarding Israel and how Americans can become more involved with Israel. The questions ranged widely, with students inquiring about the so-called two state solution and about practical plans on how make aliyah, cognizant of people's needs in terms of education, jobs, and family. Ms. Hotovely stressed that one should never sacrifice his/her values, and demonstrated how that belief is relevant to her life as a religious feminist political leader. \