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Yeshiva Fellowship Enjoys Pennsylvania Shabbaton


This past Shabbos, the Yeshiva Fellowship held its much anticipated Shabbaton at the Mount Laurel Resort in White Haven, Pennsylvania. The weekend kicked off with learning and dinner on Thursday night at Congregation Beth Abraham in Bergenfield, where the boys began studying the first perek of Makkos, which they would complete over the course of Shabbos. On Friday, the Fellowship boys headed to Coastal Sports where they enjoyed a day of indoor sports including archery tag, a new game called "tchoukball" and bubble soccer. From there, they went to the hotel where they prepared for an exciting and uplifting Shabbos.

After an inspiring Kabbalas Shabbas, they sat down for a special seudah filled with lively zemiros and a stimulating dvar Torah from Eli Szafranski ('17). They then returned to the Beis Midrash for another seder, which was followed by an oneg. Rabbi Axelrod introduced an original niggun, which has since become the unofficial Yeshiva Fellowship niggun. Afterwards, there was more learning, ping pong, billiards, talking with Rebbeim and just hanging out with friends.

After davening and kiddush on Shabbos morning, the Beis Midrash was once again filled the with a beautiful kol Torah as the boys continued chazarah on Makkos. The seudah on Shabbos day featured divrei Torah from Noam Josse ('17) and Izzy Klavan ('18). Shabbos was capped off with an inspiring shalosh seudos filled with uplifting zemiros and divrei Torah. In fact, another religious group at the hotel commented as to how inspired they were by our moving zemiros and the special kol Torah that emanated from our Beis Midrash.

On Motzaei Shabbos, there was an exciting Melaveh Malkah which doubled as a chazarah siyum on the first perek of Makkos. The event featured music, singing and lively dancing to cap off an inspiring and enjoyable Shabbos.

We would like to thank the families who generously helped sponsor our Shabbaton, as well as Rabbi Danto, Rabbi Axelrod and Rabbi Pearl who worked hard planning and implementing this incredible weekend. We are also grateful to Meir Levy ('17), Reuven Penn ('17), and Jack Alkhabaz ('17 who helped prepare and serve the food during Shabbos.