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Parents Join Yom Iyun to Learn About Simcha

by Yosef Schatz ('16)

This past Sunday, MTA invited parents to participate in a Parent-Son Yom Iyun learning program. This particular program was open to the Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors and their parents because the Freshmen and their parents had been invited to a wonderful Melave Malka the night before (see previous story).

The day started with an 8:30 minyan in Lamport Auditorium, providing everyone with 20 extra minutes of sleep! After davening, Associate Principal Rabbi Schenker addressed the crowd explaining the itinerary for the day and telling us a little bit about the theme of the program. Rabbi Schenker's remarks were followed by a tasty breakfast with choices of different pastries and donuts to go along with orange juice and coffee. After that, students and their parents were invited up to their respective regular shiurim where they heard words of Torah given by their individual shiur Rebbeim. This part of the event gave parents a chance to experience what a day in Shiur is like for their sons. Following that, everyone was brought back down to Lamport Auditorium where they had the privilege to hear words of wisdom from HaRav Aharon Kahn, shlita, a renowned Rosh Yeshiva in Yeshiva University, who was warmly introduced by Rabbi Taubes, who indicated how proud he is to consider Rav Kahn one of his Rebbeim. Rav Kahn spoke eloquently about the topic of the day, Simcha, and how achieving real Simcha doesn't involve material items; rather it involves helping and understanding other people's situations, especially those less fortunate. The day was then capped off with the "Makor Chaim 4" - the four exchange students from Eretz Yisrael who are attending MTA for 6 weeks - leading dancing and singing together with all the students, parents, and faculty in attendance.

This was yet another successful Parent-Son learning program at MTA and we would like to thank all the Rebbeim, specifically Rabbi Schenker and Rabbi Taubes, for making this possible. We are looking forward to having many more of these programs in the future!