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College Bowl Fares Well in Second Meet of the Year

by Rami Nordlicht ('16)

On Thursday, members of the MTA College Bowl Dandy Lions traveled to Flatbush for their second meet of the year. Entering the meet, the JV team held a record of 4-0 and the Varsity team a record of 2-1, and both teams were looking to improve their position in the standings. Things did not start off very well for the Varsity team, who fell behind early to Westchester and trailed by as many as 9 in the second half of the match. However, the Dandy Lions mounted a massive comeback and were able to narrowly overtake Westchester (who had beaten MTA during the first meet), winning in a most dramatic fashion that would help propel the Lions against their following opponents. Next up was SAR, another formidable opponent. Although MTA again started off slowly, the Dandy Lions were able to hit their stride during the second half of the game and came out victorious. The Varsity Dandy Lions then proceeded to take care of business against Magen David, winning all three of their matches in an amazing meet to bring their record to 5-1.

Although the JV team entered the meet with an undefeated 4-0 record, the JV Dandy Lions witnessed their first bout of adversity of the College Bowl season and lost both of their matches to bring their record to 4-2. Nevertheless, the JV team remains in a solid position to make the playoffs (as do their Varsity counterparts) and remain confident that they will be able to regain their composure during the next and final meet. We would like to wish both College Bowl teams much success in the upcoming meet, as both will be looking to make a successful run at the College Bowl playoffs.