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Study Night a Massive Success

by Rami Nordlicht ('16)


On Wednesday night, MTA students, faculty members, and senior members of the Arista Honors Society came together for a fantastic night of pre-finals studying. Throughout the course of the night, students were able to sit in on review sessions provided by teachers, avail themselves of the opportunity to study with an Arista tutor, and enjoy pizza and cookies provided by Arista. The event was a smashing success, as over 200 students stayed late are were able to adequately prepare for many of their upcoming midterm exams; they ended the night feeling much more confident about their performance on their upcoming tests. The participants of Study Night would like to extend a very special thank you to Mrs. Levitt, who oversaw the event, and to all of the teachers, students, and tutors who contributed to the immense productivity of the night. We look forward to holding many more successful Study Nights in the future.

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