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Makor Chaim Week 2 Recap

by Abraham Bodzin ('18)

Last weekend was spent at the Yeshiva where we had a wonderful time singing, dancing, eating, learning, and getting to know the Israeli students. Sunday began the new week and we were settled by then into the schedule and more used to our new surroundings. Rabbi Taragin started a weekly Kohelet shiur and Yossi Baumel began a semi regular shiur.

This week's trip was a tour of the Gush Etzion area led by Yossi Baumel. We saw a 400 year old tree that has stood as a sign of hope for the people of the area for decades and walked the famous דרך האבות. Throughout the day, trust and team building exercises bonded us closer. The week drew to a close with our first weekly Gemara test and delicious chicken soup!