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Yeshiva Fellowship Learns First Hand About the Laws of an Eruv


This week, the freshmen participating in the Yeshiva Fellowship had the z'chus to learn about the laws and requirements of an eruv from Rabbi Yosef Bechhofer, who is an MTA Rebbe and a renowned expert in hilchos eruvin, having written several seforim on the topic. Following Rabbi Bechhofer's shiur, the students traveled to examine the Passaic, NJ eruv in order to apply their knowledge on the matter. The students went around Passaic, along with Rabbi Danto, director of the Yeshiva Fellowship, Rabbi Bechhofer, and Rabbi Micah Shotkin of Passaic, who has dedicated much time and effort to maintaining the community's eruv for the past several years.

During their excursion, the students carefully examined specific details of the eruv with which they were familiar in order to check for potential problems that could threaten the validity of the eruv. Through this trip, the students were able to learn about eruvin in general and even got to use some of Rav Shotkin's special equipment which he brought along to examine the eruv, such as an optical plummet to check if a particular part of the eruv is exactly in place.

All in all the students had a great time learning about hilchos eruvin, especially since they were then able to apply that knowledge in a practical setting.