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YU News

Debate Team Holds First Novice Debate

by Yedidyah Schechter ('19)

This past Tuesday night, the debate team held its first novice debate of the year. The novices were all very nervous, being that it was their first debate ever. Leading up to the debate, Mrs. Levitt, MTA's dedicated debate coach, held lunch practices where she taught them the rules of debate and gave them useful tips. The topic of the debate was whether or not Donald Trump should be president. After a week of lunch meetings and preparation, the debate finally came.

Instead of leaving school when the bell rang, the debaters put on their suits and headed for the library. After dinner, consisting of Lake Como pizza, each novice met with his partner and they went to their individual rooms, where they would debate against another set of novices. The experienced debaters judged and kept time for each debate. Though it was indeed their first debate and they were very anxious coming in, the novices all stepped up to the plate and debated very well. They are excited for future debates where they can further develop their skills.